Facts about the Evergain Aerobic Exerciser

Additional Information / Background
Evergain Aerobic Exercisers CN 308 and CN 308DL are sucessors to the Evergain CN 305 and CN 305DL.

The Evergain CN 305 and CN 305DL are sucessors to the first Evergain chi swing machine, model FK-960. This dates back to the early 1990's.

Sun Ancon, formerly Sun Harmony, builds the chi machine that compete with Evergain Aerobic Exercisers. It was a fair match back in the 1990's, against the Evergain FK-960. Years have passed and technology have surpassed those units. Some companies still hang on to their antiquated legacy and antiquated equipment..... we have nothing more to say about that.

The Chi Vitalizer, still available today, would be a good comparison to the original Evergain chi swing machine and also the 1st generation Evergain Aerobic Exerciser model CN 305. These units offer one basic featuer in a very basic design. Evergain has steered away from this original design as there are flaws. The machines are simply too small, and will wobble side to side. Also, the small machines could not hold a strong and reliable motor assembly.

Evergain does not believe in marking up pricing to pay downline employees, such as multi-level marketing companies. Some vendors of other chi swing type machines are. Evergain also believe that selling a good product at a fair price is the best way to go. Some companies sell poorly made machines that fail prematurely. We believe the Evergain units are the best built units available today.

Evergain has minimum pricing guideline policies on popular items, which all authorized dealers obide by.

Many of the original and second generation Evergain units are still being used daily by our customers. A client of Evergain Outlet recently ordered a replacement ankle rest, which served her 11; yes, ELEVEN years of use before replacement. The ankle rest was replaced because it was blemished from daily use. When questioned about her experience with the Evergain unit she has owned for the past 11 years (it is a CN305DL model), she says she would never give it up for the world. Another Evergain owner (CN305 standard model) recently ordered a new handheld controller due to abuse from his pet. Questioning him on his experience with the unit, I was told his family owns 3 of these machines (1 x CN305 and 2 x CN308DL). He loves his original unit so much, he purchased units for his mother and his daughter. He has never had any issues with his unit, and claims he has used it for 15 minutes per day, everyday since 1999. The machine just keeps on going.

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