Evergain Dynamic Massager
with Far Infrared

Dynamic Massager with Far Infrared
Evergain Dynamic Massager with Far Infrared (FIR)

This wonderfully versatile massager is one of our most popular products ever. Be ready to experience a deep, powerful massage on vitually any part of your body. This is not one of those weak massage pillows you may have tried in the past. The Evergain Dynamic Massagers' strong rhythmic 'thumping' action provides a sensation unlike any other massage product out there. The body-heat activated FIR material helps to melt away the aches and soreness, and the versatility and size makes it easy to concentrate on where you need it most.

Characteristics :

Convenient, portable design

Universal positions

Simple to operate one touch

FIR energy activated by body temperature

10-minute working mode

Functions :

The therapeutic massage will effectively stimulate the ending nerves, dilate blood vessels and ultimately improve the blood circulation. Depending on the positions of the application, the massager can achieve the results of deep relaxation, stimulation or energizing. Most popular positions include, but not limited to, shoulder, back, lumbar, hand, thigh, leg, foot and belly, and to burn off excess calories for slimming purpose. Consistent use of the massager will enhance the effectiveness of the bodily systems including the nerve, digestive, immune, circulatory and digestive systems. The incorporation of FIR energy will invigorate cellular activities and improve bodily metabolism as a whole.

Instructions for use :

Before using the Dynamic Massager, locate a suitable place (such as a bed, sofa, chair etc.) and decide which part of the body to work on.

Plug into an appropriate electrical outlet.

Press the Power Control button once will activate the working mode.

Press the same button again will halt the operation.

Working time is pre-set at 10-minute duration. The system will automatically stop at the end of the 10-minute period.

The body contact with the FIR treated fabric will activate the emission of FIR energy (wavelength of 4~12 micron meters).

Continued use of the massager may generate excessive heat that in turn may shut down the system a built-in safety feature. When the temperature inside is cooled down, the massager will resume its normal functions. Note: This is NOT a defect.

Persons with the following symptoms/conditions should not use the product :

Serious heart disease

Pregnant women

Pre & post medical operations

Under active medical treatments

Upon doctor's advice not to use the product

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