Extended Warranty for Evergain Products

Extended Warranty. Terms of Service: Evergain Outlet offers extended warranty packages to suit your needs. An extended warranty plan will cover your Evergain item for a period of 2 years. This is on top of the original warranty. The extended warranty packages cover both parts and labor should your covered Evergain product fail within the said period. This is a warranty, not an insurance. Evergain Outlet will repair or replace, at our option, should a covered Evergain product fail due to defect in workmanship. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear items (ie: cushions, button overlays, etc), neglegence due to use other than intended, accidental damages (liquid spills, fire, dropping, etc), or any acts of god. Should a covered Evergain product need warranty service, please contact Evergain Outlet for an RMA number. Items returned to Evergain Outlet without prior approval or RMA will not be serviced. Customer is responsible for shipping both ways for warranty items. Evergain Outlet does accept drop offs and pick ups if you are in the metro NY/NJ area. Normally, turnaround time on warranty items is 1-2 business days if work is approved. Items received for warranty claims will be inspected by technician before repairs. Should an item be deemed not covered by warranty, customer will be notified. Evergain Outlet does offer service for out-of-warranty Evergain products. Estimates are free of charge, but no repairs will be made until both parties agree on payment terms.

Currently, Evergain Outlet offers extended warranty packages for the following products:

Evergain Aerobic Exerciser CN 308 and CN 308DL

Evergain FIR Thermal Mittens and Booties

Evergain Spa Mist Fountain / Ice Crystals

Evergain FIR Booster / Half Dome

Evergain Kneading Massager

Extended warranty can be purchased below. Please select the appropriate plan corresponding to the item you are purchasing. For an item to be eligible for extended warranty, extended warranty plan must be purchased together (on same invoice) with the Evergain product, and activated within fourteen (14) days of purchase. Evergain items past fourteen (14) days of purchase are not eligible for extended warranty plans. There are no returns or refunds for unused / unactivated extended warranty plans. Extended warranty forms will be sent via email. Forms are to be filled out completely and mailed / faxed back to Evergain Outlet. A confirmation email will be sent once the extended warranty is activated. If you have sent back an extended warranty form and have not received confirmation, please email customerservice@evergainoutlet.com with your name, address, email address, item, purchase date and serial number.

Should you have any questions, or need to file a warranty claim, please contact Evergain Outlet at customerservice@evergainoutlet.com