Evergain Far Infrared Heater

Far Infrared Heater
Bio-Energy Far Infrared Ray Heater

Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is an invisible thermal energy that is vital to all living things. This energy invigorates cellular activities and studies in eastern societies have shown that it can significantly improve blood circulation by a physical phenomenon called 'resonance'.

FIR energy is known to improve circulation, metabolism, relieve pain, detoxify, burn calories, fortify the immune system, and amongst a host of other effects in improving general wellness.

A daily natural source of FIR energy is provided from the sun. Now it is available in an easy to use and portable form, the Bio-Energy Heater.

Q: What is the FIR Bio-energy Heater?

A: It is a stylish, state-of-the-art Bio-Energy heater emitting Far Infrared Ray (FIR) energy. . Its appearance is in the form of a satellite disc and it can oscillate at 90 angle to maximize the radiant heat energy. The Bio-ceramic FIR is activated by two halogen tubes which can be separately controlled to turn on one or both tubes for low or high temperature. It can be used at home and office for many benefits by utilizing the FIR energy to heal and cure our body for many stress-related problems, or it can simply be used to replace regular household heaters in Winter.

Q: What is the single most unique feature about your product ?

A: It can radiate over 91% of FIR energy which is crucial to the health and wellness of your body.

Q: What makes your product better than or different from other products in its category ?

A: This is a relatively new product with FIR energy emitting capabilities. If used in place of a regular heater in cold weather, it is superior in that it cuts energy bill in half. It is also safer and is more environmentally friendly.

Q: How will it benefit or help users (what will it do for them or how will it make them feel?)

A: FIR energy is a natural light energy that penetrates deeper into our body for maximum beauty, skin and relaxation benefits. The user will feel an instant relief of muscle stiffness and soreness; in addition to the warm, cozy feeling of the FIR energy radiating towards their body.

Features :

Convenient, portable design

Oscillating reflector

Simple to operate, 2 heating levels

Safety Tip-switch

Always-On or 30-120 minute timer

Minimal assembly required.

Specifications :

Size: 19 x 16 x 15

Weight: 3 Kg.

Voltage: 120v / 60Hz

Wattage: 400w (lo setting) / 900w (hi setting)

FIR Energy emission range: 8-14 microns

FIR Energy emission source: Black carbon

Reflector diameter: 16"

Weight: 8.8 pounds

Length of warranty: Standard one year warranty, free labor and parts.

CE Approved

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