Evergain Kneading Massager

Kneading Massager
Kneading Massager

This is the Evergain Kneading Massager. It features 4 pairs of flexible kneading discs, providing strong kneading actions to pentrate into muscles. Soothing vibratory sensation to improve blood circulation, reflexology pressure nodes for sole of feet, and personal massager with 18 kneading and vibratory modes. This unit is for use on the calf, ankle and foot.

This machine is built extremely sturdy. The unit weighs 32lbs (shipping weight is 34lbs). The motor and rotational mechanism are very strong, and will provide many years of use without maintenance.

1 year limited warranty is included with the unit. Covers manufacturer's defects in workmanship and material. Unit will be repaired or replaced if it fails to perform within that time period.

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