Evergain Soft Mask

Soft Mask *NEW*
New from Evergain Outlet is a soft mask system. Soft mask helps keep skin clean and moisturized, while retaining firmness. The soft mask system consists of 12 different masks, each listed below, providing different skin benefits. Soft mask packets are individually packed, each good for two applications.

We have put together a package in which you can pick and choose the type of mask you would like. Also we have a package in which selected masks are conveniently sent to you each month, at a discounted rate.

Volcanic Mud Soft Mask: Used for deep cleansing, softening cuticles, toing and whitening.

Active Carbon Mask: Deep cleansing, balancing sebum secretion, toning and revitilizing.

Papaya Enzyme Mask: Used for softening cuticles, revitilizing and deep moisturization.

Vitamin C and Milk Soft Mask: Functions include lightening, brightening, softening, hydrating, revitalizing and toning.

Rose Hydrating Soft Mask: Used for hydrating, brightening, revitalizing and toning.

Ginseng Soft Mask: Used for nourishing and revitalizing.

Chlorophyll Soft Mask: Anti-inflammatory, balancing sebum secretion, soothing.

Calming Soft Mask: Calming and relieving skin sensitivity, soothing.

Bust Toning Soft Mask: For bust toning, lifting and development.

Body Care Soft Mask: Moisturizing, toning and revitalizing.

Hand and Foot Soft Mask: Softening cuticles, moisturizing.

Eye Zone Soft Mask: Invigorating cellular activities around the eyes, firming and soothing.

The Evergain Soft Mask System is only $29.95/month, with free shipping and handling. Each month, you will be provided with six (6) soft mask packets, good for twelve applications. Every month following, you will receive 6 more packets of soft mask, which will offer benefits different than previous soft masks. You also have the option to pick and choose six soft mask packets of your choice each month. This is especially good on individuals only concentrating on a single benefit, such as bust firming.