Evergain Spa Mist Fountains & Ice Crystals

Spa Mist Fountains & Ice Crystals
Spa Mist Fountain

Spa Mist Fountains are a great accent to any home or spa. This unit used a special water ionizer which electrically charges the water to produce a cool steam/fog (similar to dry ice). Aromatherapy oil can be added to the water for ambience. This unit is powered by 110V electricity. Colored portion is made of glass, with black aluminum frame. Water ionizer is equipped with multi-colored LEDs to give off a spectacular mini light show.

At this time, the fountain is only available in Blue.

Ice Crystals

Ice Crystals are a great decoration for any setting. This unit is completely made of glass for a clear, shiny appearance. It features a special water ionizer to creat a cool steam look (similar to dry ice). Small LEDs give the unit color. When used, the unit looks like a real bowl of ice. Adds ambience to your home or spa. Glass bowl is clear blue, with clear glass ice cubes. Operates on 110V electricity. Just add water.

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